Thursday, May 15, 2014

Submissions welcome for Harmony Pen Anthology and Writing Contest

Submissions now accepted for the first annual Penned In Harmony: Utah's Best Young Writers anthology and Harmony Pen Writing Contest.

Entry Deadline: May 30 2014

Cost to enter: $0.00

Award: Congratulatory Official Certificate (digital and/or paper) and recognition on the Harmony Pen website 

Ages: 12 and up to be published and for cover entries, 14 and up for the writing contest. Must live in Utah, USA to qualify.

Entries: All quality entries will be published as an eBook available for purchase on Amazon for $0.99. Essays and novel excerpts welcome (carefully edit your work, I will not be editing them for grammar before they are published and your name will be attached to the work forever).

Writing Contest Details: for Utah writers ages 14 and up, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, as well as Honorable Mentions.

Submittal requirements: Submit your essay/excerpt as a WORD document attached to an email sent to Valerie Harmon at Harmony Pen, at valjeanh [at] gmail [dot] com. Make sure to include your full name and age and only submit if you have your parents'/guardians' permission. You retain the copyright of your work, with permission only granting me to publish your work in the anthology. Including an author picture is encouraged but optional.

Graphic Design Opportunity: I am accepting cover entries for the anthology, from students ages 12 and up. Email me your quality cover design at 1562 x 2500 pixels, using the title Penned in Harmony: Utah's Best Young Writers and make sure to add the line: Edited by Valerie Harmon. The award is also a certificate. There is no guarantee of winner for this cover opportunity (if we don't find the submitted covers a good fit for this project, then we'll just do our own). Deadline is also May 30.

~Valerie Harmon

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