Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Essay Boot Camp

Welcome to the information for the Essay Boot Camp this summer.

The students for the Essay Boot Camp need to be at least 12 and older. The pace of the essay writing camp is fast, so if you're concerned at all about the maturity or ability of your youth to take this camp, then either stay with them in class (no extra cost, I welcome you), or wait until fall semester when I teach a class for home-schooled students (sorry, it's during school hours so it probably won't work with public-schooled students).

Essay Boot Camp
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Dates: July 14-July 30 (8 classes)
Time: 12:30pm-2pm
Place: Chris Jones' Group 680 East State Street Lehi, UT 84043
Cost: $100 (bring your own copy of All Things Fun and Fascinating)
Bring: a copy of All Things Fun and Fascinating(see below for where to buy one), water bottle, sack lunch (if you don't eat beforehand), paper and pencil/pen. And finished homework. :)
Register: by emailing me your name, student's name, and your phone number at valjeanh [at] gmail [dot] com

What to expect: In three weeks, three times a week (MWF), in eight classes, I will teach essay writing in a sequential way. It begins easily, with single paragraphs, notetaking (key word outlines), reading from notes. Then we work through writing from pictures, borrowing a conflict, a research paper, creative writing, and finish with three paragraph essays. If the youth are breezing through the work, we may get to 5 paragraph essays, but it depends on the students. There will be a writing assignment after every class, with one day between classes to write it. So be prepared.

Where to Buy the Text: You can buy All Things Fun and Fascinating on The Institute for Excellence In Writing website or the family owned homeschool store Love To Learn (use the code "Valerie" on the Love to Learn site and receive free shipping).

For more information about me, Valerie Harmon, click here for why I think IEW is the best writing curriculum, and click here to see my professional background on LinkedIn. Personally, I'm a Mom who custom educates (also called homeschool) my six children, lives in Lehi and LOVES teaching, reading, editing, and writing. Contact me by email at valjeanh [at] gmail [dot] com.

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