Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Class for 2017-18

With a young toddler, I am still limiting myself to teaching one English class this year. My older children have all found other English classes, so I will be teaching my favorite class--Introductory Writing 1--since my 9 year old has yet to dive into the All Things Fun and Fascinating text. I love it!

In order to be successful in this Introductory Writing class, students either must be able to type their own papers or dictate to a typist, and be willing to turn in a writing assignment every week. The pace slowly leads up to three paragraph essays in a sequential way that keeps kids feeling capable as writers. It begins easily, with single paragraphs, notetaking (key word outlines), reading from notes. Then we work through writing from pictures, borrowing a conflict, a research paper, creative writing, and finish with three paragraph essays.

Since I will only be teaching one writing class this coming school year, and I expect it to fill up quickly, register ASAP if you'd like a spot!

Class: Writing Intro 1
Cost: $300 for the year
Location: Lehi, Utah
Class: maximum of 8 students

To register, email me at valjeanh (at) gmail (dot) com.

Buy the student ATFF text here (it's not provided with the class) at  http://iew.com (I noticed some are on clearance for $7 OFF! FCFS)

For more information about me, Valerie Harmon, click here for why I think IEW is the best writing curriculumand click here to see my professional background on LinkedInPersonally, I'm a Mom who custom educates (also called homeschool) my children, lives in Lehi and LOVES teaching, reading, editing, and writing.