Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Introductory Writing, Fall and Winter Semesters, at GMA

Introductory Writing

In order to be successful in this Introductory Writing class, students either must be able to type their own papers or dictate to a typist, and be willing to turn in a writing assignment every week. The pace slowly leads up to three paragraph essays in a sequential way that keeps kids feeling capable as writers. It begins easily, with single paragraphs, notetaking (key word outlines), reading from notes. Then we work through writing from pictures, borrowing a conflict, a research paper, creative writing, and finish with three paragraph essays.

When: Thursdays, 12:30-1:30pm
First Semester: Thursdays, September 4-December 11, no class on October 9, 16, or November 27
Second Semester: Thursdays, Jan 22-April 23, no class on April 9

Where: at George Mueller Academy, 121 East State Street Lehi UT

Who: children ages 8-12.

Cost: $300 per year (it's a year long class, can pay in two payments of $150). Text All Things Fun and Fascinating not provided.

Bring: The All Things Fun and Fascinating text (see details below), something to write with, and paper. Homework will be expected every week on time.

Where to Buy the Text: You can buy All Things Fun and Fascinating on The Institute for Excellence In Writing website or the family owned homeschool store Love To Learn (use the code "Valerie" on the Love to Learn site and receive free shipping).

For more information about me, Valerie Harmon, click here for why I think IEW is the best writing curriculumand click here to see my professional background on LinkedInPersonally, I'm a Mom who custom educates (also called homeschool) my six children, lives in Lehi and LOVES teaching, reading, editing, and writing. 

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