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Advanced Shakespeare, at GMA, Fall Semester only

Advanced Shakespeare

Are you interested in taking Advanced Shakespeare fall semester from Valerie Harmon and Heidi Sorensen, compete in the Utah Shakespeare Festival the third week of October in Cedar City, and prepare and perform a student-led 45 minute Shakespeare play in December? See details below:

Auditions: Monday July 14, at 2:30pm at 680 E State St., Lehi (Chris Jones' office). Come prepared with a memorized monologue (1-3 min) and we might have you also do a cold read.

Dates: Thursdays, September 4-December 11, no class on October 9, 16, or November 27 (We're headed to the Shakespeare Competition in Cedar City from October 9-11)

Where: at George Mueller Academy, 121 East State Street Lehi UT

Who: youth ages 13 and above who are willing to study and write and turn in homework on time
Cost: Cost: $150 per student (includes competition fees, rent for our classroom, gas, food and lodging in Cedar City for the Competition, and a stage for the December play performance (hopefully Draper, but we'll see). And hopefully it'll include a professional play or two to watch in Cedar City. :) Students will be responsible to provide their own quality costume-the costume/time period will be one of the decisions made when class begins).

What: This class is for experienced Shakespearean acting youth (ages 13 and up) to prepare and compete in the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City and put on a play by themselves (with mentoring of course) in one semester.

When: Once a week, Thursdays from 2:30-4pm, One semester

Pre-requisite: Must have experience in Shakespearean acting (Shakespeare Conquest, for example), audition, and be ages 13 and up.

Class size: 18 students

The Shakespeare Competition: students MUST be available to compete in the Utah Shakespeare Festival Competition in Cedar City October 9-11.

Homework and Other Info: Because we will only hold class once a week, students will be expected to work on competition memorization etc. at home, and practice, perform and perfect it in class with the feedback from your mentors and classmates. :)

Part of the class will be mentoring the students in a 45 minute Shakespeare play to be performed in December (hopefully at the Draper Theater, we are working out details). These Advanced Shakespeare students will take on all the roles (which may need to be auditioned for if there are more than one student who desires the role, but that won't happen until after class begins): Director, Producer, Stage Manager and Crew, Sound, Hair, Makeup, Props, Sets, Lighting and Acting.

We MIGHT take the students to Shakespeare Showdown in May 2015 to perform the play, although that will require an additional $75 per student and depends on the teachers' May schedules as well as the students' interest in going.

October 9-11, 2014, Cedar City Utah

Go here for more information on the competition. You can even watch videos of previous competitors:

Links for possible memorization and competition scenes:
Suggestions for all acting events: http://bard.org/competition/pdfs/competitionpieceslist.pdf
Here are some monologue suggestions: http://bard.org/competition/pdfs/scenesmono.pdf
Suggestions for Duos/Trios: http://bard.org/competition/pdfs/scenesduotrio.pdf
Suggestions for Ensemble Scenes: http://bard.org/competition/pdfs/scenesensemble.pdf

We will be performing in the Essex division.

These are the different competitions (in Acting) and their time limits:
Mono (one person): two to four minutes
Duo/Trio (two or three characters): three to five minutes
Ensemble (no less than four people): six to ten minutes

These are the maximum number of competitors in each Competition from our group:
Acting Competition/Monologues: 3 competitors
Acting Competition/Duo/Trio Scenes: 2 groups
Acting Competition/Ensemble Scenes: 1 scene

This is what Judges judge, and what we'll be working on in class:
   Diction (articulation, variety)
   Projection (volume, clarity)
   Physicalization (appropriate to character, consistency)
   Blocking & Movement (appropriate to action of scene)
   Motivation (clear and believable)
   Emotion (true and believable)
   Objectives (specifically met)
   Language (clarity, pronunciation)
   Understanding (clarity of ideas, concentration, focus)
   Degree of Difficulty

Teachers: Who is Valerie Harmon and Heidi Sorensen? Valerie has taught Shakespeare Conquest for two years with Rise Up Academy. You can see play trailers for the plays here ( As You Like It 1920's style) and here (Love's Labour's Lost traditional style). Heidi Sorensen co-mentored Love's Labour's Lost this past school year with Valerie. They had so much fun, and their youth are begging for more Shakespeare even though they've graduated from Shakespeare Conquest, that Valerie and Heidi decided to put together an Advanced Shakespeare class.

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