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Writing Class schedule for second semester

This is the class schedule for second semester 2014. All classes are taught at George Mueller Academy (click on the link to register) at Canyon Grove Charter School: 588 W 3300 N, Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062, by Valerie Harmon. There is no $35 family fee charged if you just take one class.

Novel-Writing--Now called Mentored Writing Club:
Unlike the sterotype of an author typing out a book all alone in a room, novel writing is actually best accomplished when done with other people--because we motivate each other to finish our writing goals. This club is for students who want to write a full length novel.

I will not be editing or giving out of class feedback on any writing at this price, but snacks, Word Wars, and motivate each other to write!

My son wants to finish his book and I would love to make some progress on my own. And this class will provide some accountability--finishing or getting closer to finishing a novel is the goal!
If you don't bring your own laptop, there are 4 PC computers in the library that you can use for typing in a Gmail account (let me know if you want to reserve one of them). For ages 10-adult (must be able to sit and write/type for an hour).

Ages: 10-adult (must know how to type)
Cost: $28.
Info: Students must have a gmail account (to share their novel in Google Drive) and they'll get the most out of class if they bring a laptop (although there are 4 desktop computers available for writing as well).
Class Size: minimum 5 students

Dates: Mondays 9:30am-11am, 10 weeks, Jan.13-March 31 (with holidays on Jan.20 and Feb.17)

World Geography:
Raising our children to be leaders should include geography. Too many of us don't ever leave our own community or culture, and our children need to understand the world so they can be more well-rounded and better prepared for the future. Our world has a global economy, politics headed toward global or glocalist policies, and events in far off places that affect our children here at home. Our youth need to understand where things are in the world. And it can be taught with a dash of fun!

With "passports" in hand we "travel" around the entire world in 10 weeks. We start with the US. The goal is to trace the entire world by the end. The only homework is tracing an area of the world at least twice a day, with a test the following week. However, "travel points" are given for extra-depth study into that area of the world (links given each week on a geography blog) and tracing accuracy (meaning locational accuracy (knowing where everything is), not artistic accuracy). Small rewards given for making travel point landmarks all the way up to the top reward: a vintage looking compass. Students expected to give a presentation on a country of their choice (I will give the first one to demonstrate) with food from/representing that country.

Ages: 12-18, mature younger students considered
Cost: $108
Bring: Students need to bring a current atlas.
Class Size: 8-12 students
Dates: Mondays 11am-12pm, 10 weeks, Jan.13-March 31 (with holidays on Jan.20 and Feb.17)

Intermediate Writing: Following NarniaThis class is for any student who has finished my Introductory Writing classes, even ones who've completed my other Intermediate class. This class will be 70% learning how to write research papers and 20% writing a critique paper (useful skills for the AP English exam, which gives college credit). The final will be writing an in-class essay to get a feel for writing for the AP exam. We will be using the IEW curriculum (the very best writing curriculum!) and Narnia books/history current with the Pevensie children. This class begins with three paragraph essays and quickly transitions into five paragraph essays. Skittles and Goldfish are involved!

The IEW writing pattern is the best, and this class uses books from C.S. Lewis' Narnia series ( and historical events concurrent with the Pevensie children) to help students learn and practice writing all the way to 5 paragraph essays and Critiques, in an interesting way. Skittle points and goldfish often awarded.

Ages: 12-17 (should have completed one of my Intro Writing class)
Cost: $150
Bring: Students need copies of Magician's Nephew, Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe, and The Horse and His Boy as well as the student text Following Narnia: Writing Lessons in Structure and Style (use the checkout code "Valerie" to get free shipping). Please order them in enough time to bring them to the first day of class.
Class Size: 5-10 students
Dates: Mondays 12:30pm-2:00pm, 10 weeks, Jan.13-March 31 (with holidays on Jan.20 and Feb.17)

Introductory Writing: All Things Fun and Fascinating: 
This class is all about learning how to write an essay. It begins with an one paragraph essay, works through writing from pictures, borrowing a conflict, research papers, creative writing, and finishes with three paragraph essays. Skittle points and goldfish often awarded.
Ages: 10-17 (must know how to type or have a parent willing to type on dictation, a writing assignment will be due every week)
Cost: $150 if you bring your own text,
Text: Order and bring to the first day of class All Things Fun And Fascinating student manual FREE Shipping if you use "Valerie" as your code at checkout.
Class Size: 4-10 students
Dates: Mondays 2:30pm-4:00pm, 10 weeks, Jan.13-March 31 (with holidays on Jan.20 and Feb.17)

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