Friday, August 9, 2013

Fall 2013 Classes update

I am adding a new class to the fall lineup, replacing the late morning Intermediate Writing class in Provo.

Here are the details:

New Novel Writing Class

Ages: 12-17 (must know how to type)
Dates: Mondays from September 9-November 18
Time: 10:30am-12pm at George Mueller Academy, American Fork
Cost: $108

Each student should bring a laptop if at all possible (students who handwrite a novel can do it, but typing is so much faster so they'll feel more successful with a keyboard, and we do a lot of in-class writing). Students also need a gmail account so they can share their novel with me through Google Docs.

My lectures are from the IEW text How To Write A Story, but students don't need their own copy. I will give feedback on their novels but I will not be editing them. However, my offer is this: any novel writing student of mine who finishes their novel will get a free edit-for-publication from me. Since I normally charge $25 an hour to edit, that's quite an offer. However, finishing a novel is the hard part!


I still have open spots in my Provo Introductory Essay writing course, and my Adult Essay Training class as well as my Cram Course (that begins on Monday). Here are the details for those:

Cram Course (my Introductory Essay writing crammed into three weeks before school)
Dates: August 12-August 29
Times: Mondays 11-1pm,
Thursdays 10:30-12:30pm
Text: All Things Fun and Fascinating (buy at with the code "Valerie" and get free shipping), you can share the text or buy your own
Cost: $150 per student ($85 with coupon code, does not include text).
Location: Chris Jones Group conference room 680 E. State St. Lehi, UT
Please commit to attend all classes and finishing all writing assignments. We will be moving very quickly, but you'll be writing strong three paragraph essays by the end! :)

Essay Teacher Training
Date: Saturday August 17
Time: 10am-2pm
Location: Chris Jones Conference Room, 680 E. State St. Lehi, UT
Cost: $20.00
Bring: A copy of All Things Fun And Fascinating (you can buy at, use the code "Valerie" for free shipping. And bring a lunch!

Provo Introductory Essay Writing

This class begins with a one paragraph essay and finishes with research papers and three paragraph essays.
Ages: 10-14 (must know how to type)
Dates: Mondays from September 9-November 18
Cost: $150 if you bring your own text, $185 if I provide the text
Text: All Things Fun And Fascinating student manual (buy at
Time: 8:30-10:00 at The Grow House, 2755 N 175 East, Provo, Utah

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