Wednesday, May 1, 2013

An Essay Winner!!

One of my students, Abbie C. just won the prestigious Freedom Festival Essay Contest. I'd like to take full credit, since she'd just finished one of my essay classes. But I know better! I added to her skills, but she did all the work and I am SO PROUD of her!

This is what she said:
Just wanted to share with you. Utah recently held an essay contest as part of their Freedom Festival, and high school students were encouraged to submit an essay on the topic of "How Does the Constitution Ensure the Values of Family, Freedom, God, and Country for Our Everyday Lives?"

Of all the thousands of students that participated - public, private, charter, homeschool - I WON! This includes a cash prize, excerpts of my essay being published, and getting to ride on a float for Utah's Freedom Festival Parade!  Thanks to all my family, friends, and amazing teacher (my mother and +Valerie Harmon who taught an essay writing class) for their support.

Go Abbie!
~Valerie Harmon

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